Dimensions Digest 2018: Pt. 1


Elliot Leavy

A round-up of some of our most anticipated acts of Dimensions 2018. The lineup is long and full of legends, but seeing as the Croatian hotspot is now entering its sixth year, we figured it would be best get some of our writers to list six of their favourites. Here's the first batch.

Azymuth & Marcos Valle

Who better to begin the summer vibes than Brazilian jazz-funk trio Azymuth together with the Bossa (super) Nova, samba-saint Marcos Valle? Emerging out of Rio de Janeiro’s burgeoning bossa nova and jazz scenes, Azymuth came into existence in the late 60's and was the brainchild of three session musicians (José Roberto Bertrami, Alex Malheiros and Ivan Conti), whose shared vision and desire to push their instruments experimentally led to the creation of their own musical genre "Samba Doido" (Crazy Samba), a feat which is testament to their cornerstone role in shaping Brazilian music. 

In Brazil samba is 2/4 as a minimum and we play like 2/4 or 4/4, 3/4 or 5/4; we go out of the rhythm but we don’t lose it. This is samba doido.
— Ivan Conti speaking to The Ransom Note

Mr Marcos Valle, if you don't know already, is the beautiful man behind the ever-burgeoning 1983 hit, Estrelar, which has been doing well on the DJ-circuit over the past years. Recording since 1966, Valle had a hand in opening up bossa nova to the world. A founding figure (alongside Sérgio Mendes) of Brazil '66, Valle is an expert vibe-vendor and a maestro of top form. With careers spanning decades, Azymuth & Marcos Valle is the act our editor is looking forward to most.

Peanut Butter Wolf

For that Old-Skool cool, Legendary DJ and producer Peanut Butter Wolf if your guy. Hailing from San Jose and emerging on the scene in 1989 after meeting rapper Charizma (RIP), Peanut Butter Wolf founded Stones Throw Records in 1996 and has had two decades of success ever since. His debut studio release, My Vinyl Weighs a Tonwas hailed as "a crate-digging classic that remains one of the seminal statements of the underground golden era" by Los Angeles Times in 2010. 

Peggy Gou

Who doesn't love Peggy Gou? After blessing us with one hundred live shows last year, four singles in 2016 and three more (and counting) in 2018. Peggy Gou seems to be making movements, and with everyone's approval too. Together with Ninja Tune records, Peggy's latest EP, Once, is still hot off the press and include her hit single, It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) – a 90's-house-influenced, dreamy, disco-sprinkled delight. A sonorous gem which is reflective of how lost you can get in the music of Ms Peggy Gou. 

Kraftwerk 3D

Following last year's headliner Grace Jones is no easy feat. That said, following this year's headliners, the German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk 3D, isn't going to be any easier. The fellow Twitter-haters are all about music being a form of intensity, and with a catalogue of music that has sown the seeds to almost to almost every development in western music (from JJ Fad's Supersonic to Coldplay's Talk), their opinion is one that matters.

Yazmin Lacey

BOZO began last June with zero reasons for existing or being spoken too. That being said, one lady of impeccable taste and talent still threw us a bone and went along and did an interview anyway. A year later, she has her debut performance at Dimensions, is enjoying a wave of invigorated publicity from the likes of Giles Peterson and is releasing her latest EP When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees, next month. Make sure to go and check out her soulful sound for a perfect chill session this year.

MXMJOY [Maximum Joy]

The '80s Bristol cult punk band Maximum Joy have reformed and we are sure that we speak for many when we say that we are extremely happy they did. Now going my the name of MXMJOY, the dance band have stayed true to their disco pulse, brass-blasting, vocal ways but built on evolved on their influences (ranging from punk, modern jazz, disco, dub, funk, soul, early hip-hop, Afrobeat and chansons) to remain one of the most intoxicating pop groups around today. 

We'll be back with more coverage of the lineup over the coming weeks, but if you're sick of us already, you can check out the lineup directly here