Jeff Mills @ Fabric


Paolo Agostinetto & Matteo Lazzarin

Tonight, Fabric will be guided by the rhythm of Jeff “The Alien” Mills. His Detroit techno live set, featuring the old-school (yet evergreen) sound of his Roland TR-909 mixed with loops from forgotten and fresh techno times, Mills is set to ensure you a belter of a weekend.

Even though the warm vibes of the 909 might sound familiar to older, experienced clubbers, as of late, Mills' work continues to explore new deep hypnotic ground and leaves us jonesing for more. Intrigued by his ongoing experience with his recent NASA/NTS joint project, we’re left wondering if the cosmic theme of his latest radio work will influence the sound of tonight.

No stranger to experimentation (he was labeled by RA as one of  “techno's most important and adventurous figures”), when it comes to Mills, it feels like every set is an opportunity to bring something new to the dance floor – with old-school samples mixed with new concepts under a strong vision of where techno will be in the future.

The techno legend will be leading the night in Room 1 with a 3-hour set. Fabric resident Craig Richards and JP Enfant will also share the main stage with the Detroit producers offering solid times of their own.

Room 2 will be hosted by Marcel Fengler, a techno gem capable of zapping your senses in ways which force you to do more. With his IMF label and long history behind the decks, the Berlin artist will create the perfect mix between usual (well-researched) techno and electronic ambient tracks. Accompanying him tonight will be one of his label’s legends joining under the alias of FJAAK. Hessler will also be about to ensure more deep techno vibes.

Long story short: it's going to be good.

Get yourself ready for this peculiar techno expedition and grab your ticket now.