Hospitality in the Dock 2018


Matteo Lazzarin

Concentrate on the origin, escape the ordinary

As a North-East Italian, my desire to escape from all the shit that fills my ears here almost every single day has been strong as of late – and the day in which my dream is finally realised is almost here. As expected, I find myself ready to jump into the new and bite me some arses. After years of studying the origins of almost every type of electronic music, I am a firm believer in the idea that the UK is the Land of Bass Music. Beginning at the end of ‘80s,  with the creation of the beautiful Rave movement (and the old hardcore and jungle music that it housed)  the UK is still merging every kind European music genre with new school synths and massive drums breaks.

Which takes me to Hospitality in the Dock. It is impossible to become familiar with the world of Drum&Bass and all its subgenres without first knocking on the door to Hospital Records. Founded in 1996 by Tony Colman and Chris Goss, better known as London Electricity, it continues to create marvellous marvels of music, releasing every month records by fresh new artists as well as experienced gurus of D&B. If your passion (like myself) includes tech-step, liquid-funk or neuro-funk you will undoubtedly have already given them half of your income.


Over the last 10 years, Hospital Records has programmed more and more events which not only promote the label but above all the Drum and Bass Movement they love. Firstly, they curated Hospitality, which still continues over all Europe, then they went for some BBQ events (why the hell not?), and finally, they finished with Hospitality in the Park, the most important Drum&Bass meeting in London, which takes place every year in Finsbury Park. 

But onto the event at hand

Bringing underground music to the people sometimes means staying away from the sun, as the ravers of the night so often teach us. But that is not the case with Hospital, who have decided to exchange the vampire vibes with something a bit sunnier. Joining forces with Tobacco Dock in London, they have created Hospitality in the Dock, a daytime, dockside drum & bass shindig. Believe it or not, some people only dream to have such a venue with such a music, and you lucky Londoners should always remember how fortunate you are. Go and see it with your eyes!

That’s why I decided to participate to this, well, “close encounter of the third kind”, and all the damn program offered is a plus to not stay at home.


What i expect (and you should too) from In the dock

  1. VIBES: it’s not a Pop or Classical music concert, it’s Drum&Bass. Jump, sweat, smoke, enjoy the people, meet them, kiss them, fuck them. Let the subwoofers split your ears in half. Let your heartbeat dance in time with the breaks of a jungle track or the sensual vocals of a liquid funk song. 

  2. D&B LEGENDS: I don’t know where you are from, but I can assure you that back where I'm from a program like this simply couldn't be found. I don't know every single artist present here, but just realising my ignorance has me excited to be going to a 12 hour and 3 roomed event.

  3. JUNGLE: again, if you want to come to Italy on Holidays, please come to visit our monuments, leave the music to home. In my entire life, I have never, NEVER, seen a venue with a dedicated and long-lasting Jungle stage (not for want of trying). It's about time that changed. Do yourself a favour, if you want to study the origin of English bass music, meet me there, at the The Little Gallery, I’ll buy you a beer.

  4. MULTIPLE BATTLEGROUNDS: Are you bored after submitting yourself to 5 hours of Jungle? Well, there are 2 other rooms where you can play with fun toys and people and listen to techstep or liquid funk. Don’t be a fish, enjoy all the 12 hours of this unique show.

Keep on rollin’

Aren’t you still convinced? Ok! I will shoot you in your ears with another set from last year's edition of Hospitality in the Dock. Believe me, wherever you are, buy the tickets, take the plane, and see what Hospital Records has to say at the Dock.

This is for people who are here for the good times not the long times. Get your ticket now. 

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