New Label: Refined Productions

refined productions.jpg

Elliot Leavy

Poland's own Refined Productions is the bastard lovechild of two '90s intelligent dance and experimental music lovers Aleksandra Grunholz and Jakub Mikolajczyk.  

Together, Grunholz, (musician, graphic designer and artist behind Unsound’s 2017 theme Flower Power as well as the artwork for the new label), and Mikolajczyk, (head of MonotypeRec label and MonotypePressing) aim to counter the deluge of music flooding our ears and instead opt for the "slow label" approach – pausing for a deep breath before plunging into quality wells of weird and wonderful sounds instead of riding the current wave of trends. 

The first release comes from Aleksandra herself, the woman behind: We Will Fail. Releasing and performing since 2014, Aleksandra has appeared on stage at Unsound and TodaysArt as well as released two albums: Verstorung and Hand That Heals/Hand That Bites both on MonotypeRec. The fact that these two are embarking on new endeavours together has to bode well for their creative synergy.

We Will Fail’s Schandefreude EP features two original tracks and remixes from Eomac and Ziúr and is out now. Listen below.

Her music is often described as dark and heavy as the night sky peppered with sophisticated stars of detail; and the direction of the label will follow their shared passionate interest in experimental music, specifically modern 90’s IDM.

What will follow? Urgent EP including one new track and three remixes from the legend that is M.E.S.H., Peder Mannerfelt, and Kangding Ray due out March 2018 – but we'll remind you lot of that closer to the time. 

With plans for 2018 and 2019 already set in place for Refined Productions, this dusky debut will follow with full-length albums from fellow genre pushing artists.