BOZO Greets: Jordan



We sit down and talk to Belfast and Loose Fit Record's wonder kid Jordan on his latest releaseVoyager and what's been going on in the Old Smoke's club scene.  

Hey Jordan! So where are you from?

I'm from Belfast where we built the Titanic, the unsinkable, that later sank. 

What's Belfast club scene saying?

With recent Red Bull Music Academy & Boiler Room Events it's finally getting the attention it deserves. A few years ago there were only about 300 people to be found at most of the underground events aside from the big room parties, but now it's exploded and there are huge events each week all over the city. More importantly though, is the calibre of producers emerging from the city. Bobby Analog, Black Bones, Carlton Doom, Moodtrax, Schmutz, Embezzlement Society to name a few. 

And of course, you have the big dogs:  Space Dimension Controller, Phil Kieran, Ejeca, Calibre, Bloom, Bicep. There's either something in the water or there's not much else to keep us occupied!

When did you first start mixing?

Age 13. There used to be a TV channel called Rapture TV with live streams of DJ's playing in clubs like Slinky which was an old hard dance club. First gig at 14 in England despite being from Belfast, and have spent most weekends in dark rooms ever since. 

How's 2017 been treating you? It looks like you've been busy.

It's been lovely. I've been having a really good time. I played my debut Boiler Room, had a support from Radio One, been playing outside my hometown more than ever before and still juggling my weekly residency within the city. Here's hoping it continues...


Talk us through your new release, Voyager – it's a banger.

I love bleepy riffs. I'm a big fan of Roman Flugel so there's definitely an influence from that side of things in terms of the lead and the breakbeat I guess was just trying to something different! 


Your music jumps across genres a lot, where do you think this stems from?

We've thrown over 100 parties in the last two years where I regularly play all night back-to-back with my partner at The Night Institute, Timmy Stewart. When you're playing all night there's a lot of different music touched on. You're the warmup DJ, Peak Time DJ and that bit in the middle and end too... so I guess this has imbued into my music somewhat.

What are some of your favourite records at the moment?

Quinton Campbells Colours EP on Extended Play blew my mind today when Timmy played it in the car. Rare to have a label who continues to join the dots between all of the different strains of house music and turn us on to a host of new artists. Trust me... Check out big Quinton's EP when you get a chance. It's rooted in Belfast too, which makes it all the better. 

And one of your favourite of all time?

New Order, True Faith (1987)

Why Loose Fit Records?

Harry who runs Loose Fit is young, passionate, enthusiastic and willing to invest in his project. The perfect combination surely?

Cheers Jordan – Make sure you check out Voyage peeps!