Four Tet – New Music Ahoy?

Image courtesy of the BBC

Image courtesy of the BBC


By Elliot Leavy

South-West London's own Four Tet could be about to drop some new tunes if Kieran Hebden's Spotify playlist is to be believed.

The playlist, some 500 songs strong, is currently titled TOMORROW THE NEW MUSIC IS COMING and contains a big time mix of music from all over.

In the past any changes made to the playlist's contents were announced by a change in its title – a title built not on words but instead on Four Tet's love of pseudo-cryptology and (probably) randomised symbols. 

So, seeing as this one's coherent, there's a strong chance that this article isn't pointless clickbait.

In any case, his last non-compilation album Morning/Evening was a two track raga minded affair – so excuse me for getting hyped that there might be a bit more of Four Tet on the horizon. 

Updated on 03/07/17.