EYOE presents: Molly Nilsson at Oslo

Photos by Elliot Ruby

Photos by Elliot Ruby


By Lorcan Pigott-Dix

Dreamy Swedish Synth-pop comes to a sweltering Oslo.

The evening started with an energetic performance from the charismatic Berliner, Alexander Geist. Electro-pop sounds adorned with witty and fun lyrics, communicated by a silky low register vibrato. Alexander certainly has the talent, charm and force of personality to become a big name - Watch this space. 

Molly Nilsson brought a wave of atmospheric synth-pop to the sold-out venue. Big reverbed melodies and driving 80’s-style drumbeats created the musical space to carry Molly’s introspective lyrics. 

The singer performed a number of tracks from her latest album, Imaginations (released 26th May 2017). Beginning “Mona Lisa’s Smile” with an anecdote about her visit to a Viennese museum, at which she became aware of the distinct lack of a female presence among the artefacts – unless naked subjects of male artists – and dedicated the song to all of the forgotten women of history. A disco-reggae rhythm driving the track, Molly swaying to the melodious synth, her doubled-up vocals giving a prayer-chant-like personality to the song. 

“American Express” was a particular highlight, synth-pop in symbiosis with country music. Sonorous lap steel-sounding chimes over a Tennessee Three-esque rhythm section.  The melancholy of the verses giving way to the release of the glistening chorus of synthetic strings and horns. Very faded jeans and faded home-movie film reel, simultaneously inspiring nostalgia while having a timeless quality.

At one point, Molly remarked that she gets nervous at the thought of playing in London as she feels that “London is the cool kid in school”; with her bright, danceable pop grooves coupled with the echo of melancholia coloured by optimism, Molly Nilsson would have little difficulty garnering invites to all the cool kids’ parties.