BOZO Greets: Yazmin Lacey

Yazmin Lacey

Yazmin Lacey


Bozo greets Yasmin Lacey. The Nottingham-based London raised soul singer who gives off more good vibes then you can shake a stick at. Her debut single “Black Moon” was Radio 6 Music’s recommended track of the week and in a few days her EP launch party will be at Archspace in London. Here’s what she had to say:

When did you start pursuing a career as a singer?

It kind of just came about really! I've been writing bits and pieces for years in the bedroom. A friend overheard me one time when we had had too many rums, probably the only reason I was singing in front of people, and asked me to sing at her night. So I said yes - almost certainly because of the rum, the next thing I know I wake up and see my name on this flyer and I just went with it from there.

Your EP is pretty different some of your earlier works and champions your smooth personal sound. What changed from then to now?

It's soooo different and I think that's because Black Moon is mine. My heart's in Black Moon, imperfections and all.

Tell us about your EP.

So Black Moon I think is me 'sun setting' a particular period of my life. When that chapter was finished I knew had to make something beautiful out of it. I've learnt and let a lot go by making Black Moon.

It's also the first thing I've finished, and the first vinyl, so it feels special. If I was doing it again there are a few things I would like to change but I think for Black Moon the rawness was really important – for me anyway!

Who produced your EP?

I helped produce the EP with Pete Beardsworth (Three Body Trio) and George French (Broadstrokes) but all of the band put a lot in, big up Charlie Bone, Tom Towle and Owen Campbell!  I had these melodies and stuff in mind for a long time and I'm really lucky to have a band that had the patience and the genius to see that process through. I started with my note pad and then I would just hum or try making the sound that I wanted, they would turn it into magic! 

The songs on the EP comforting yet otherworldly, dream-like but grounded in real-world problems. What is your music to you?

A release I s'pose! A way of making sense of my emotions without breaking any laws or doing anything detrimental to myself! 

You're part of a wave of new, young, soul singers blessing our ears in recent years – who have been your biggest influences? What is so special about them?

I literally never know what to say to this! Any female out there just doing her thing! Literally I have a lot of respect for women in the music industry making the music they want, and just going for it. I’m inspired by women of colour doing any damn thing! Janet, Whitney, Nina, Aretha, Erykah, Sade, Missy, Foxy, way too many to name! I try not make things with a direct artist in mind, I just want to do what I’m doing really. That’s why I don’t like covers and stuff, if someone has already done something well, leave it be. 

Don’t watch for nobody!
— Yazmin's Dad

What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?

Lots of things have changed in my personal life and in my surroundings in the past year or two, I’m feeding off that for my next EP! I feel more connected, and I seem to be living more of my own truth, so that’s what I’m writing about. I used to write everything late at night, that was just my time 1,2,3,4 in the morning, but that’s changed, started feeling most creative when the sun just goes down now, I’ll see what comes out of that. 

What’s the best piece of advice you have heard and repeat to others?

When it comes to music there’s a few things I always have in my head:

1st – Self-consciousness is the creativity killer – Flying Lotus 2015

2nd – Music is a beautiful solution to the problem –Anonymous 2013

3rd – Don't watch for nobody – My Dad, circa all my life!

So basically that’s what it is, I’ve always just wanted to make music that me and my girls can jam and smoke to –the rest is all just a bonus!

Any shoutouts?

I just want to mention and show some love for Sam, my guitarist who is sadly no longer with us, he wrote some of the original chords to some of the songs on Black Moon, he taught me a lot.

Big up MIMM for introducing me to the wonder that is Pete Beardsworth! Big up Lukas Wigflex for telling me I needed to be pressed on vinyl !

And just everyone that’s supported so far, you know who you are!

Yazmin Lacey's “Black Moon” EP launch party (with support by Three Body Trio) is on Thursday 6th July 2017 at Archspace, London – get down there for some big time talent.