BOZO Greets: Jun Kamoda

A talented dude: Jun Kamoda also dabbles in producing, illustrating and Hip Hop.

A talented dude: Jun Kamoda also dabbles in producing, illustrating and Hip Hop.

A quick chat with Mr. Kamoda following the release of his latest EP: the weird and wonderful Body & Soul. If you fancy it: read all we had to say about his new sound here

So where are you from?

I live in Japan. 

What's going on in the Japanese music scene right now?

Recently, I'm almost existing outside the Japanese music scene,  so I'm not sure what happens there. But I can say for a fact - Compact Disc is still alive in Japan. They are fine!

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 19.29.39.png

You're a person of many talents – do you have any methods for staying creative that our readers might like to learn about?

Forgetting the past enables me to progress in a new creative way. I’m enjoying now rather than the past.

Body & Soul is a lot different to your other tracks I've listened to so far. Why the change?

This track is a part of my musical range that I didn't get the chance to show yet. When I play my live set, I always play this track - the dancers go crazy and the adrenaline is pumping!

Name a few artists who have inspired your work.

Maurice Fulton, Edan, Moritz von Oswald.

What made you go back to Black Acre?

They asked me to send my music after Blind Disco EP was released. I sent them my demos and then they picked three tracks and proposed about a new EP. I chose the title “The Distorted Haunted Ballroom” for the new EP, because I was inspired by three tracks that they bundled together. It was a big session between Black Acre and I.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m gonna be launching a dubplate label for my art in the new year. I’m also working on new tracks in preparation for the first Jun Kamoda album.

The Distorted Haunted Ballroom is out nowCheers for the chat Jun!

Elliot Leavy