BOZO Beats: To the Disco 17 by Spintroyniks


Spintroyniks has hit the nail on the head with this self-described 8pm mover and shaker with a ketamine lean – expect extra beats and brass to polish off your Wednesday.

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About the ARTWORK

The image shows the response of artificial spin ice in a ferromagnetic resonance experiment. Ferromagnetic resonance is a technique used to probe magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic materials. One can imagine a ferromagnet as being made up of nanoscale spinning tops which we call magnetic moments. A magnetic field is applied which makes all the spinning tops point in the same direction. Another oscillating magnetic field is applied perpendicular which causes the spinning tops to precess about their axis. When the frequency of the alternating field is the same as the frequency of precession energy is absorbed by the system and a resonance is observed which is the red points on the image.

Artificial spin ice (ASI) is made up of tiny magnets less than a thousandth of a millimetre long arranged in a hexagonal structure. As well as wanting to align with the applied field the moments like to align along the axis of the magnet. So, in the case of ASI there are effectively three different field directions which explains why there are three branches in the image. As you change the applied magnetic field the frequency of resonance changes. This information can be used to determine damping in the system and other dynamic properties.