Get to know: Jun Kamoda

Jun Kamoda's  The Distorted Haunted Ballroom  is out on 24/11/17.

Jun Kamoda's The Distorted Haunted Ballroom is out on 24/11/17.


TLDR: Japanese jack of all trades Jun Kamoda returns to Bristol's Black Acre for a new off the wall, funk-inspired EP release, The Distorted Haunted Ballroom (out 24/11/17).

Perhaps it's because Japan is renowned as the most creative country by all the others, or maybe there's just something in the water over there, but Jun Kamoda has a lot going on: producer of art, member of Hip Hop trio Baleine 3000, cartoon illustrator (Usca.), the artist has an enviable amount of talents and knows how to use them.

With The Distorted Haunted Ballroom, Kamoda is upping the ante. It's lead track Body & Soul is a frenzied, uptempo stomper. A tune I can only convey in copy by alluding to when Mia Wallace overdosed in Pulp Fiction and had to be brought back to life with the adrenaline shot – but in a good way. 

The track traverses that thin line between insanity and insatiability, and forces you to commit to a long ride on the party bus once you've heard it. Body & Soul is a far flung cry away from Kamoda's 2011 lowkey and tender album ichi, as well as his deep house tune I Know (2016), proving that when it comes to this artist all you can be certain of is experimental elements and expertise. Black Acre are lucky to have their prodigal son back, and I look forward to what other disorderly delights await me on the other side of this intriguing EP later this month.

Check out Jon Kamuda's SoundCloud, see if you dig it and if so get on out there and preorder this EP ASAP.