5 Artists to see at Lunchmeat 2017


Matteo Koden

Lunchmeat festival is an underreported, unique, utopia of experimental music located underneath Prague's Trade Fair Palace. Now in its seventh year, the new media advanced entertainment and electronic festival is attracting musicians the world over as it continues to inject astounding avante-garde work into Europe's club scene.

Since its creation, Lunchmeat has become a bastion of big sounds and visuals, helping generate new ideas across contemporary music artistic disciplines and acting as a honeypot for art that explores the intersection between the audio and visual mediums. 

Robert Seidel & Andy Stott in 2015.

Robert Seidel & Andy Stott in 2015.

When we started, our original aim was to present current music and world-class
audiovisual performances to Czech audience
— Jakub Pešek, Festival Director

Last year, however, Lunchmeat ramped it up a gear as musicians the world over began to flock to one of Europe's most eclectic experimental music sanctuaries – placing Lunchmeat in the same space as some of the worlds best festivals.

Lunchmeat 2016 Special Opening Light Installation.

Lunchmeat 2016 Special Opening Light Installation.

This year's theme is that of idols, and about celebrating the imperfections of those who are deemed not worthy of the title whilst critiquing the effects of totem status on society as a whole. Regardless, below you will find 5 of Bozo's very own imperfect idols (in no order whatsoever) who will be providing some otherworldly performances this weekend.


Christopher Stephen Clark, AKA Chris Clark, AAKA Clark has been a cornerstone member of the Warp records family for 17 years. Since his early beginnings creating and working with his own primitive instruments, Clark has juggled and flirted with countless profiles and sonorous personalities. The veteran of new generation electronic music will present his innovative AV stage show with choreographer Melanie Lane and star dancers Kiani Del Valle and Sophia Ndaba united by London’s Flat-E lights.

Bodies, lights and big air vibrations – what's not to like?

Clark, Superscope (2014)


German producer Hendrik Weber, aka Pantha du Prince merges electric psychedelic techno, field recordings, synth pop and minimal techno to create a dancefloor composed of an articulate stratification of sounds. Electronic bells and metal percussion have always been part of the DNA of this Pantha Du Prince. 

This weekend, Pantha will be spreading his over-sensory energies bolstered by a new audiovisual collaboration with Hendrik Weber and Simon Krahl.

Pantha Du Prince, Frozen Fog (2009)


Australian producer and composer based in Iceland.  Experimental,  power ambient, post-classical, drone, industrial, and more – a researcher of sound power. His style is a mixture of the elements: fire, earth, and water – very cold water, ice cold water with a lot of ice.

In the past, Ben Frost has collaborated with contemporary dance companies and composed music for films, television series and documentaries - this weekend he will perform in a visual collaboration with MFO.

After seeing Ben Frost live, nothing is the same as before.

Ben Frost, Theory Of Machines (2007)


Swiss-born, half Tibetan and half European, totally focussed on her avant-garde, and obsessed with the continuous experimentation with sounds and machines. Aisha plays with these tools like they are extensions of herself. Projecting her body and voice with a union between spirituality (chanting) and matter (electronics). Aisha has something extraordinary, energy and transcendence to offer.

Prepare to see your past life. 

Aïsha Devi, Adera [Houndstooth] (2015)


Last on the list is young French-Canadian talent, Jaques Greene, who has been colonizing dancefloors the world over since 2010.

An electronic mix that glides from UK rhythms to R&B moments with a touch of deep house throughout. This year he released his first album: Feel Infinite, which was a certified stomper.

Word to the wise: make sure you wear the right shoes for the evening.

Long story short: be sure to buy a ticket.