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Argonaut Theatre's Action at a Distance Hits Home


A fresh, exciting new take on London theatre. Argonaut Theatre’s Action at a Distance is punchy and gripping. Featuring only three characters, the show has a fresh approach to small space and sheds itself of unnecessary props (only a printer, an easel and the odd laser are in sight), instead relying on the cast's strong skills to carry the performance.

Argonaut Theatre was recently announced as one of the New Diorama Theatre's Graduate Emerging Companies. This is their debut.

How this young team managed to fit so many topics into seventy minutes is quite something: online dating, borderline addiction, gambling, cancer, American elections, politics, war – resulting in a smorgasbord of food for thought.

Rosa Caines plays female plumber, Chris who meets sincere data analyst Josh (Dom Luck) online. As the relationship unfolds we find out that Chris’ difficult (but darkly amusing) mother, played by Nina Cavaliero, needs surgery and has been let down by Obamacare. Meanwhile, Josh involves Chris in his charity work mapping American drone strikes in the Middle East. As Josh lets Chris in on the darker side of his work, we see ethical conundrums play out between the characters relationships themselves but also of the general public's involvement, or lack of, in the Middle East. 

The story cleverly portrays the hope  (and lack of it) of the American Public and the increasing polarisation and alienation of society on both sides of the spectrum. How an American patient can become indirectly involved in drone strikes in Syria and still remain blind to the destruction caused by its own government. 

Gripping and intense. Action at a Distance is a  real thinker. Recent graduates of East Anglia University, the cast and direction (courtesy of Rory Horne, who also wrote the screenplay) provides hope for the next generation of British Theatre, and we look forward to what will follow on from this delightful debut.