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Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction


Lorcán Pigott-Dix

3 Jun – 1 Sep 2017, Barbican Centre

Science fiction has always pushed the boundaries of our collective imagination. With its capacity to explore ethical questions, provide new outlooks on where technological advancement may lead us, and even help us understand our own humanity, sci-fi has always had widespread appeal. 

A peak through the stained-glass windows of this broad church, Into the Unknown provides a chance to venerate relics from our imagined futures and our alternate pasts. From Jurassic Park to Alien, from Star Wars to 28 Days Later there really is something for everyone. Around every turn, there is something to make you excitedly whisper “fuck yeah” under your breath. My only reservation is it was so there was a limited amount of sci-fi in stock and I was left jonesing for more. 


The exhibition also includes an art installation from the creators of Black Mirror and a showing of a short film by Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour. The art installation was a tad underwhelming compared to the nostalgia trove beforehand. However, I thought the film was good - and more importantly, thought provoking. A nice example of sci-fi introducing us to a new perspective, giving us an opportunity to question our assumptions and values.

Ultimately, this is a small exhibition of our hopes and fears of the past eighty odd years. A reminder of the vast scope of the human experience and potential. If you're into your sci-fi this is going to be one for you, and even if you are not it's going to surprise you with just how embedded and instrumental these fictional worlds are to our own.  

It’s also a huuuge reminder that when you delve into time travel please at least keep your story internally consistent... Or is that just me?